Services, projects and activities; available to the Public Administration. From the development in the biometric field to the creation of web products, DEDEM has established important collaborations and partnerships that have enabled...


Strategic developments, know-how and constant upgrades in the computer industry and telecommunications allow us each day to create value for customers through operational solutions for logistics, distribution and assistance service of pools of machines...


Structured, arranged and designed for the entertainment of all age groups, conceived to collect, in defined and decorated spaces, interactive kiddie rides, flying machines and simulators manufactured with the most innovative technological solutions and characterized by...


Management, installation and assistance service of machines for the making of ID photos, fun photos, kiddie rides and many other non-food automatic vending equipment...


An all-Italian answer to the needs of a market in evolution in which leisure centers acquire more and more importance and distinguish themselves as an effective solution to a market demand in constant evolution...


These machines offer additional value to photographic services and are suitable for creating photobooks, calendars, postcards, etc. Kiosks for printing from digital files, ideal to offer the public the complete range of services of a photographic shop in only half a square meter...


A panoramic view of our pool of machines: photo booths for ID photos; photo booths (traditional, analog, digital and biometrical), kiddie rides (automatic games for children), professional machines for immediate printing of visit cards, greeting cards and invitation cards, videogames, simulators, and both analog and digital automatic devices for the realization of products and services. A reply to every need.
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